Thursday, February 23, 2012

Celebspiration: KATE BOSWORTH

Ever Since I was a thirteen year old girl with my face pressed to the tv while watching BLUE CRUSH,
I knew Kate Bosworth would be around for a long time. I just love her effortless  beauty.

 I also knew I was going to become a professional surfer too. (Didn't happen.) She has the most beautiful bone structure of anyone I have ever seen. Those cheekbones! So while no one can beat her at her own game, it cant hurt to try! Here is my Kate Bosworth inspired tutorial. The lip color was near impossible for me to get because my lips are naturally very dark and red. But I did the best I could with the colors I have! And despirte the slight difference, I REALLY loved the color that I did get. Enjoy!

(This is the photo I used as inspiration)

P.S. Has anyone else ever noticed that she has a speck of brown in her right eye? Love it!

(More of Kate to get you through the day)


Boots sensitive skin moisturizer
Maybeline mousse airbrush finish foundation
Elf highlighter & concealer
Covergirl clean pressed powder for sensitive skin
Covergirl blush in brick rose
Covergirl exact eye lights for blue eyes
Elf ultimate eyeshadow palette
Elf liquid eyeliner in black
Boots no.7 extravagant lashes in black
NYX round lipstick in Circe
NYX lipstick in harmonica
Loreal leGloss in baby blossom

(I will adjust these product names to links later today when I have a bit of free time so you can view the prices and locations)

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