Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hello Loves!

I went on a spur of the moment movie date with my sister and was so happily SURPRISED with how much I adored This Means War!

The first thing I loved about it was Reese. She is BY FAR my favorite actress of all time. Classy, sweet, and super funny. And Chelsea Handler definitely added to the comedic feel. As for the two guys....I'm not sure I noticed their acting as much as their pouty lips and adorable characteristics! I had never heard of Tom Hardy, and  I was never a fan of Chris Pine but I am now fans of both! They're both ridiculously studly. The movie isn't mushy, it is hilarious and filled with action and just the right amount of romance! Good date night material.

BUT this post isn't meant to be a movie review, no! I want to talk about Reese's adorable outfits! So many little black, blue, and red dresses that were more than swoon-worthy! 

And look at those perfect little legs! 
My favorite dress was the blue one on the bottom with the red heels for sure. There was another dress I loved that was a mauve-ish/tan 3/4 length dress with black trim that she wore but I cant find it anywhere! Anyway, I just needed to share my little obsession over the classiness of Reese Witherspoon. She could pull anything off!



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