Thursday, February 16, 2012

Color Me Pretty: TOO FACED Natural Eye Palette

This baby is my NEW FAVORITE! I was aching for a new palette with a good amount of bright, shimmery, daytime colors that I could put on my inner corners. I was frequently using a few of my Coastal Scents colors from the Shimmer 88 Palette, But at last, those colors have finally run out on me! So, I had an excuse to do some shopping. I got this one at my nearby Ulta. The colors are to die for! Exactly what I needed. You will definitely see a tutorial look with these colors soon. 

The Palette was 36.00 for me, which might seem a little bit up there, but its such a good quality product that Its 36.00 bucks you wont regret spending! 

My favorite thing about the palette is that you can wear these colors flawlessly however you want. But, if you are a bit new to using eyeshadow, it has step by step directions separated into categories on three cute little cards.

There are three cards for this reason; the palette is broken down into three  tiers. 


I'd have to go with Silk Teddy as my favorite color, with Cocoa Puff as a close runner up. I might be a little biased with that one, because my favorite cereal is, indeed, Cocoa Puffs.

As of now, it looks like Ulta's online store is out of this palette, but be sure to go to a store if you have one close to you. If you don't, then give Sephora a try.

Buy it! Wear it! Love it!
My only complaint? I cant afford ten more Too Faced Natural Eye Palettes so that I'll never run out!



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  1. Love the review! :) I've been thinking about buying this for a while now,but it's a bit expensive.